2019年3月25日に SPHフォーラム2019を開催します

SPH Forum 2019: Public Health Challenge in East Asia; SNU-UTokyo Joint Seminar

[Agenda of this Forum]
This seminar will conclude 2-year SNU-UTokyo collaborative project bilaterally funded by KSCF and JSPS to jointly articulate public health issues common between the two countries, such as population ageing and related challenge to healthcare systems, disease burden of NCD, and environmental risks and control. Welcome and join this unique opportunity for academic exchange between two leading SPHs in East Asia!

[Date and venue]
March 25th (Monday) , 2019 @ Seminar Room #6, Medical Education and Research Bld., Hongo Campus, UTokyo

13:00-13:30 Reception
13:30-13:45 Welcome remarks from UTokyo and background presentation on SNU-UTokyo exchange
– Professor and Dean Norito Kawakami
13:45-14:15 Session 1; Factors associated with health care utilization for hip fracture surgeries; comparative study using nationwide database between Korea and Japan
– Speaker; Dr. Yamana and Prof. Yasunaga, UTokyo
– Comment from Prof. Lee, SNU

14:15-14:45 Session 2; The effect of workplace downsizing on health in Korea
– Speaker; Prof. TJ Lee and Ms. Healim Kim, SNU
– Comment from Prof. Hashimoto, UTokyo

14:45-15:00 Break

15:00-15:30 Session 3; Health inequality in Korea
– Speaker; Prof. CY Kim
– Comment and additional presentation from Dr. Kondo, UTokyo.

15:30-16:00 Session 4; Spatio-temporal variations in the risk of suicide associated with season and temprature in Japan, 1972-2015.
– Speaker; Dr. Y. Kim, UTokyo; comment and additional presentation from Prof. Ho Kim, SNU

16:05-16:25 Open round session; Future exchange/collaboration b/w SNU and Utokyo
16:25-16:30 Closing remarks from SNU
– Prof. TJ. Lee