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As Japan experiences a falling birthrate and a super-aging society, we, at The University of Tokyo, are establishing the Global Nursing Research Center with the aim of promoting important R&D related to Care Innovation and Nursing Systems. Our Center fosters young researchers who engage in transdisciplinary innovative nursing science.

The GNRC consists of two departments: ‘Care innovation’ and ‘Nursing systems.’ Under the supervision of the director of the GNRC, we engage in research in robotics nursing, biological nursing, imaging nursing, translational nursing, health-quality outcome research, and the care quality management field. In addition, we promote cutting-edge transdisciplinary innovative research, design education courses and curriculums, and develop young researchers.

  Director: Hiromi SANADA
Vice Director: Kiyoko KAMIBEPPU, Noriko YAMAMOTO-MITANI
Division of Care Innovation Professor: Hiromi SANADA
Project Professor: Taketoshi MORI
Associate Professor: Gojiro NAKAGAMI
Project Associate Professor: Takeo MINEMATSU, Ryoko MURAYAMA, Makoto OE, Nao TAMAI
Division of Nursing Systems Professor: Kiyoko KAMIBEPPU, Noriko YAMAMOTO-MITANI
Associate Professor: Megumi HARUNA, Yuki MIYAMOTO, Yukie TAKEMURA