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Organization and Staffs, Graduate School of Medicine

Research Units

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Project Associate Professor: KAWAZOE Yoshimasa
Department of Healthcare economics and Health policy Project Professor: TAKURA Tomoyuki
Medical research and Management for Musculoskeletal pain Project Professor: MATSUDAIRA Ko
Project Associate Professor: OKA Hiroyuki
Science for Joint Reconstruction Project Professor: MORO Toru
Project Lecturer: TANAKA Takeyuki
Department of Boneļ¼†Cartilage Regenerative Medicine Project Associate Professor: OMATA Yasunori
Project Lecturer: TERASHIMA Asuka
Computational Diagnostic Radiology and Preventive Medicine Project Professor: HAYASHI Naoto
Project Associate Professor: YOSHIKAWA Takeharu
Department of Home Care Medicine Project Associate Professor: YAMANAKA Takashi
Project Lecturer: OKOCHI Jiro
Therapeutic Strategy for Heart Failure Project Lecturer: AMIYA Eisuke
Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Project Professor: KOIDE Daisuke
Project Lecturer: NOMURA Shogo
Department of Advanced Cardiology Project Associate Professor: FUJIU Katsuhito
Project Lecturer: KANEKO Hidehiro
Laboratory for Advanced Research on Pathophysiology of Metabolic Diseases Project Associate Professor: IWABU Miki
Department of Advanced Clinical Science and Therapeutics Project Associate Professor: HARADA Mutsuo
Department of Advanced Translational Research and Medicine in Management of Pulmonary Hypertension Project Associate Professor: IKEDA Yuichi
Department of Immunotherapeutics Project Professor: KAKIMI Kazuhiro
Project Lecturer: NAGAOKA Koji
Research on Cell Therapy of Regenerative Medicine Project Associate Professor: CHANG DEHUA
Comprehensive radiation oncology Project Professor: NAKAGAWA Keiichi

Social Cooperation Program

Healthcare Quality Assessment Project Professor: MIYATA Hiroaki
Project Associate Professor: KUMAMARU Hiraku
Verbal analysis of pathophysiology Project Professor: SASAKI Takeshi
Department of Prevention of Diabetes and Life-style Related Diseases Project Associate Professor: YAMAGUCHI Satoko
Department of Innovative Dementia Prevention Project Associate Professor: WAKABAYASHI Tomoko
Department of Health Services Research Project Associate Professor: JO Taisuke
Project Lecturer: YAMANA Hayato
Chronic Kidney Disease Project Professor: INAGI Reiko
Department of Functional Genomics and Immunological Diseases Project Associate Professor: OKAMURA Tomohisa
Department of Lipidomics Project Professor: ODA Yoshiya
Project Lecturer: TOKUOKA Suzumi
Tissue stem cell / life dentistry Project Professor: KOMURA Makoto
Project Lecturer: ASAWA Yukiyo
Department of Next Generation Locomotive Imaging System Project Associate Professor: DOI Toru
Department of Eat-loss Medicine Project Associate Professor: YONENAGA Kazumichi
Project Lecturer: ONO Sachiko
Project Lecturer: WATANABE Rinji
Department of Preventive Medicine for Locomotive Organ Disorders Project Professor: YOSHIMURA Noriko
Next-Generation Precision Medicine Development Laboratory Project Professor: KAGE Hidenori
Project Lecturer: KUNITA Akiko
Department of Pain & Palliative Medical Sciences Project Associate Professor: HASEGAWA Maiko
Department of Retinal Biology and Pathology Project Professor: WATANABE Sumiko
medical information engineering Project Associate Professor: Kin Taichi
Laboratory for cryo-electron microscopy  
Department of Digital Mental Health Project Professor: KAWAKAMI Norito
Project Associate Professor: IMAMURA Kotaro
Project Lecturer: SAKKURAYA Asuka
Department of Cellular and Tissue Communication Project Professor: YAMASHITA Jun
Clinical stem cell biology Project Professor: HIKITA Atsuhiko
Department of Precision Medicine Nurology  

Endowment Departments

World-leading INnovative Graduate Study Program for Life Science and Technology Program Director: OKABE Shigeo
Program Coordinator: KIKKAWA Masahide