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As Japan experiences a falling birthrate and a super-aging society, we, at The University of Tokyo, are establishing the Global Nursing Research Center with the aim of promoting important R&D related to Care Innovation and Nursing Systems. Our Center fosters young researchers who engage in transdisciplinary innovative nursing science.

The GNRC consists of two departments: ‘Care innovation’ and ‘Nursing systems.’ Under the supervision of the director of the GNRC, we engage in research in AI smart nursing, robotics nursing, biological nursing, visualized nursing, clinical nursing technology, health-quality outcome research, and the care quality management field. In addition, we promote cutting-edge transdisciplinary innovative research, design education courses and curriculums, and develop young researchers.

  Director: YAMAMOTO-MITANI Noriko
Vice Director: HARUNA Megumi, IKEDA Mari
Division of Care Innovation Professor: NAKAGAMI Gojiro
Division of Nursing Systems Professor: YAMAMOTO-MITANI Noriko, HARUNA Megumi, IKEDA Mari
Associate Professor: MIYAMOTO Yuki, TAKEMURA Yukie, IGARASHI Ayumi