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Emblem of Faculty of Medicine

The emblem of Faculty of Medlcine was designed by Professor Ogata Tomio (Faculty of Medicine) in celebratlon of the centenial of the University of Tokyo School of Medlcine in 1956. The Akamon (The Red Gate) , used as its motif, was the entrance to the School of Medicine from 1876, when Tokyo Medical School (now the University of Tokyo Faculty of Medicine) was moved from Shitaya- izumibashi street to Hongo, starting a renewed Universlty and Hospital, until 1884, when other faculties were also moved to the same premise. The Akamon is a red defence gate made by the Maedas of Kaga-han, a great Dannyo (Feudal Land Lord) of Edo penod In 1827, to welcome princess Yoh-hime, the daughter of the 1lth Syogun Tokugawa lenarl, as the bride to Maeda Nariyasu. It was a custom for the Daimyos to build such a gate in case, that matrimony was arranged between thelr son and the Syogun's daugter. This gate has been designated as an important cultural property for its outstanding design and beauty.